Work From Home – Are You Doing It Right ?


Figuring out how to work from home in a realistic, sustainable and profitable way has been one of my main goals since pandemic strikes our lives.And it hasn’t always been easy.

There’s been times when money has been short, stress has been
high, and the prospect of going to a “real” job would keep me up at

These days, however, I feel more confident with my setup and have
been happily working from home for the last one year And I know a
lot of other people want that too.

With the Covid outbreak, many companies are requiring employees
to work from home. It can be hard if you’ve never done it or haven’t
done it regularly. But I’m a big believer in remote work and wanted
to share some of the things I’ve learned over the year.

Let’s dive in!

You’re going to have success, but you’re also going to have a lot of
failures. A lot. Learn from them and make adjustments frequently,
For example, I recently reconfigured my entire home office and
refreshed my routines in April,2021 again after I joined my new
company. Be transparent with your friends, your team, and your
manager about what you’re doing so you can find the best way to
be productive. Failure is part of your new work from home regime,
and I will always be experimenting with new approaches.

Define Your Divide
Being a productive remote worker requires discipline, especially if
you’re trying to show that you’re trustworthy and that working from
home isn’t something for emergency situations only. In my
experience, the best trick is to find ways to divide your “work
mode” and your “home mode.

”Practice “kaam k time kaam and break k time break” else day is
going to much more exhaustive ultimately lowering your

Achieving Long-Term Success

For many people, working from home is temporary. But what if you
want to make it a long-term option?

Commit and Deliver: You want this to work for you and your
manager and company. Show them that they can trust you, that you
will work hard, and that you can deliver on your commitments.

I know exactly how long it would take me to commute to the office,
and that’s additional time I put in every week in my previous

Engage Your Family

Work-from-home discussions often focus on an employee’s relationship with their manager. But what about family? If you’re new to working from home, understand that it doesn’t just mean change for you. It also means change for your family. I have my gujarati talkative mom and very troubling younger sister at home. I’m surrounded by my family for most of the day, and over the years, we’ve developed tricks to make it work.

If you’re new to working from home, understand that it doesn’t just mean change for you. It also means change for your family too.

First, find the right balance between work and home. I have set work hours that I follow, and I make sure my family knows what they are. Every morning I sit with my mom and just discuss my day plan, If that changes during the day, I tell her right away. If she needs help with something with home chores.

“Over time, I’ve gotten smarter about working and better at organizing my schedule”

Some Niche and Pro Tips –

1.Choose a Proper Home office

What is the best thing about working from home? Most
probably, the level of comfort.

But, do you know that this comfort can come at the cost of lost
productivity, focus and target goals? When the surrounding gives
you work vibes, your attention is bound to swoop in along with
your efficiency. To achieve that, all you have to do is-

● Choose a corner of your room with good natural lighting, if
● Set it up with a chair comfortable to sit on, for around 8 hours
a day
● Place a desk next to it
● Put your system on the placed desk
● Keep your required materials like a diary, pens, a bottle of
water & a lamp, right by the side


2. Maintain consistent Working Hours

How often do you lose the track of time while working from home?
Almost everyday, right? This is an unhealthy practice. Being a
workaholic is good but within the working hours. You should
always make a routine of your workdays and working hours.If you plan on working for 8 hours straight on a workday,
Make sure you stick to your schedule

Set a Morning & Evening Routine

This is what the situation demands.
● Wake up one hour prior to your working hour
● Freshen up
● Have some tea/coffee
● Lay a mat on the floor
● Sit on it and fold your legs
● Keep your backbone straight
● Close your eyes
● Meditate for 5-10 minutes
Tada! It’s done. Now you can kickstart your day off with a clear

3.Prepare a To-do list/Planner

Working remotely recommends you to keep track of how you spend every hour of your day. Self-tracking lets you understand when you are more productive and also, where you are wasting your time Creating a to-do list would allow you to keep track of your progress efficiently.

4.Make Ground Rules for family Member

Work-from-home-tips-12 (1)

We indian flow is this plot of “tension lena ka nahi tension dene ka”
so chillax and it’s going to work at the end as we say “picture abhi baki
hai mere dost” Adding too much on the plate can make things hard.

All you require is
● Create a task list for the day
● Estimate the required time to finish each task
● Take a tea/coffee break in between to stimulate your mind
● Work until the end of your working hour
● Make a note of the tasks that are yet to be completed

So Relax & Chill!
Wrap up!

5.Interact with the Team

As you know Lack of communication can make you feel

It is, however, not mandatory that you have to talk about work all
the time. A normal chit chat is fine as long as it breaks the social
isolation one suffers while working from home.
Video call is a great way to stay connected and to have some fun at
the same time.

“Last but not least Create a Stress-free Zone as in this pandemic
time we all are dealing with too many things all together. So a
relieving and serene stress free zone is must”


To all, who are working remotely, I hope the above tips really help you boost your productivity. Working from home can be a big change if you’ve never done it or haven’t done it on a regularly. But if you’re thoughtful about your approach, you can be productive, happy, and very successful. Adios!!

Written by – Yaani Patel | Executive HR @ Akshar Group Technologies

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