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Even before the pandemic struck, e-commerce has already been on the rise. The lockdowns and conditions brought by COVID-19 only accelerated its growth, making it crucial for businesses to think about shifting or adapting.

Here at Akshar Group Technologies, we are genuinely passionate about helping companies conquer various hurdles, delivering effective groundbreaking technologies to their fingertips.

Based in Ahmedabad, India, our team looks at every angle — the bigger picture, every little detail, and other perspectives to make sure we create a bulletproof solution. Found in 2012, our team loves to empower brands and businesses, pushing them to become the best versions of themselves.

Even before the pandemic started, we’ve helped companies venture into complex online marketplaces. It’s because of the success of our clients in their respective markets or industries that Akshar Group Technologies was established as an e-commerce development game-changer on Clutch.

Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating website that connects businesses with trusted service providers. The site publishes a vast variety of content encompassing different industries like marketing, technology, and business services.

The stellar reviews we’ve earned on Clutch helped Akshar Group Technologies make a name in this cutthroat industry. If you take a look at our Clutch vendor profile, you’ll see our flexibility in web development, IT services, and e-commerce development. To give you an idea of what we can do for you, here are a few snippets from our clients’ excellent testimonials!

“This company genuinely cares about the end user and their success as much as we do…..and that is rare to find.” — Shaun Henderson, Director of Fort Digital

“Akshar Group Technologies’ dedication to completing their tasks correctly and on time made the most significant impression on me.” — Justin D, Owner of a digital marketing agency

“They are an expert team. We appreciated how they always accommodated revisions from stakeholders. Also, they always kept industry trends in mind when designing materials that would resonate in the competitive market.” — Shreya Viradiya, Executive at a business services company

We are extremely grateful for our clients who believe in us. We are proud to see them thrive in their respective industries and businesses. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to serve as their partners and be distinguished as a game-changer because of their support.

Feel like we’re the perfect match for you? Connect with Akshar Group Technologies and let’s work together to create the ideal solution for your business.

About Author:

Kalpesh Chavada

Kalpesh Chavada is Our Founder & CEO of Akshar Group Technologies. He is serving with 11+ years of experience in different technologies like Magento, WordPress, Laravel, jQuery, Shopify, Branding, and Digital Marketing. He is very good with creative logic and always ready to take on challenges.

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