It would be so easy for bloggers if there was some automatic tool to publish new blog posts on Facebook. So that, the bloggers need not have to login to Facebook and go to their Facebook Page or Profile and post about their new blog article/post everytime. So, the solution to this dual task problem is here. Making it a one time task, i.e. you create a new blog post or update an exisiting one and it automatically get posted on your Facebook page or profile. You can do this with the WordPress plugin called Facebook Page Publish Facebook Page Publish lets you publish your blog posts to your Facebook Profile or your Facebook Page. The blog post is published on Facebook with post title, a short excerpt, a thumbnail image (either authors gravatar, or a self-choosen or random post image) and categories name. You just need to: – Install and activate the plugin. – Create a Facebook Application. – Put the newly created application ID and application secret key in the plugins option settings. Save Changes. – In this plugins settings page, select the Facebook Page or Profile ID from the list displayed. – Select post from all categories or specific categories only from the plugins settings page. – You can also specify how your post gets published on Facebook. Like including/excluding Post excerpt, Gravatar Image, Categories, Authors, etc.

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