Magento e-commerce software

This artical about e-commerce software.
Now a days more powerfull e-commerce software is Magento.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP.
The software was originally developed by Varien.
First magento 1 software was release on March 31 2008 and On November 17 2015 Magento 2.0 was released.

Magento e-Commerce is now an Adobe company.

Magento employ with mysql and MariaDB ,with oop concept(object-oriented programming) and
MVC(model–view–controller) architecture.which is useful for online business.
It has a scalable with many control options that is helpful for users.

Magento Provide many extention, it's easy way to develop site with many functionality, Like a payment method,shipping method,megamenu,themeing, slider.extensions available for download on the Magento Marketplace

Magento Commerce is a leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries.

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