What Is Laravel?

  • Laravel Is a Web Application Framework.
  • Laravel Is an Open Source Framework is Written In PHP.

How To Create Laravel Project ?

  • There Are Two Way To Create Laravel Project.
  • My Project Name Is OnlineShopping.
  1. Laravel New OnlineShopping
  2. Composer create-project Laravel/Laravel OnlineShopping

Laravel Folder Structure

       App :-

  • The App Directory Contains The Code Of Your Application.
  • Ex. Models, Controller Etc.

      Bootstrap :-

  • The Bootstrap Directory Contains The app.php File Which bootstraps The Framework.
  • Cache Directory Also In Bootstrap Folder.

      Config :-

  • The Config Directory Contains All Of Your Application Configuration Files.

      Database :-

  • The Database Directory Contains Of Database Migrations, Factories, And Seeders.

      Public :-

  • This Directory Contains Your Assets Such As Images, JavaScript, And CSS.

      Resources :-

  • This Directory Contains Your View(.blade.php) Files.

      Routes :-

  • This Directory Contains All Of The Route Definitions For Your Application.
  • Web Files, Api Files, Channels, Console.

      Storage :-

  • This Directory Contains Your Logs, sessions, file caches, and other files generated by the framework.

      Tests :-

  • This directory contains your automated tests.

      Vendor :-

  • This directory contains your Composer dependencies.

How To Run Laravel Project?

  • Laravel Project Using This Command


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