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5 Tips & Tricks of Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework designed to make developing web apps easier and faster through built-in features. These features are part of what makes Laravel so widely used by web developers:

But in this blog, we are going to learn the top most tips and tricks of Laravel so that we can use this in our development and make our development easier. So lets not waste any more time and lets gets started.

Tip 1 : $loop variable in foreach

Inside of foreach loop, check if current entry is first/last by just using $loop variable.

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Tip 2 : Route group within a group

in Laravel Routes, we can create a group within a group, assigning a certain middleware only to some URLs in the “parent” group.

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Tip 3 : No timestamp columns

If our database table doesn’t contain timestamp fields created_at and updated_at, so we can
specify that Eloquent model wouldn’t use them, with $timestamps = false property.

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Tip 4 : Don’t create Controllers for certain view

If we want route to just show a certain view, than don’t create a Controller method, just use
direct Route::view() function on web.php file.

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Tip 5 : Blade @auth (user authenticated or not)

Instead of if-statement to check logged in user is authenticated or not, use @auth directive.

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