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    How to Import Posts from a Text File into WordPress

    Here is a simple method that you can use to import news, posts or content from a text file into WordPress. This scrip...

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    Post Publish in Facebook

    It would be so easy for bloggers if there was some automatic tool to publish new blog posts on Facebook. So that, the...

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    Get category list in dropdown box WP

    step1 : Create new template and followinig copy past code
    step2: assign your this template in page in wp-admin ...

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    Add js and css in Wordpress

    Add in Function.php File All file To call js and Stylesheet in Wordpress working to globle css and js.

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    Create Custom Widget in Wordpress

    Custom Widget in Wordpress, Copy this Code And Past in Function.php File Thane create admin side widget

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    Simple accordion in jQuery

    -accordion in jQuery require class: toggle-content //main class require class: accordion accordion-close //slide div ...

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    Display Popular post in Wordpress

    Get Popular post on a Page You set post limition per page, Get post title

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    Get Latest Post In Wordpress

    -Display Latest post -you wont post it paste this code on page -change the catagary id -show the letast post in your ...

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    Wordpresss Custom Post Pagination

    You want Custom Post Pagination in Wordpress. there have only 2 step.

    Log in Wordpress

    Step 1 : ad...

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    Data fetch another page Using Jquery on dropDown box

    -Select a value in DroDownBox -Send a value Anothar page -prossesed value and display data

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    Background music player on site

    Here some step about "Background music player on site ".

    background music player on sites in wordpress first ...

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    Here Description of WORDPRESS WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, easy to use and understand.