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    Custom Theme V/S Ready Made Theme


    you want to make site and you have a design.It's not enough.
    Also you need to find out which theme are ...

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    Wordpress Post :

    How to Call Custom Menu in Wordpress Put Below Code in function.php File

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    How to add custom class to last post In A loop wordpress

    Put this below code in Function.php File and Save.

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    Put Your Site in Maintenance Mode Using Function.php in Wordpress :

    How To Display Your Site in Maintenance Mode. Put below Code in Function.php file.

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    Add Custom Class To Last Post In A Loop WordPress:

    Put this below code in Function.php File and save.

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    How to Hide WordPress Admin Bar During Development.

    Put Below Code in Function.php File show_admin_bar( false ); After Put Save File and Refresh page yo...

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    Get YouTube video thumbnail image for wordpress :

    step 1= search video in youtube step 

    2 = click share button->embed tep

    3= copey text after e...

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    How to Call Shortcode in Wordpress :

    Call Shorcode in PhpFile:

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    Realize Multiple Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer

    Creative business development with the inclusion of maximum features will help you in reaching your organizational ta...

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    Promote Your Business Online With Diverse WordPress Features

    Excellent features could be obtained through WordPress tools such as attractive themes, custom templates and valuable...

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    How to Import Posts from a Text File into WordPress

    Here is a simple method that you can use to import news, posts or content from a text file into WordPress. This scrip...

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    Post Publish in Facebook

    It would be so easy for bloggers if there was some automatic tool to publish new blog posts on Facebook. So that, the...