Thanks you so much all Healthcare and FrontLine Heroes, your hard work and support during this difficult time. you are real heros and we value every single effort to save every life. Thank you for everything
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    Why Do Your Customers demand to Offer 24/7 Online Chat?

    If We established live chat. It’s grown to the point where many customers expect live chat. Based On analysis 9...

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    PHP Development Service In India Offers Exclusive Development Facilities In India

    PHP is the most commonly used and open source language that has now offers great promotional benefits with perfect un...

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    PHP Uploads file to FTP server programmatically using PHP script

    PHP itself provide us the FTP functions library which allow to implement client access to files servers (FTP). This l...

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    Use mail() function in PHP

    Send A Email To Your Email-ID, in 'message' Any Discription Wirte. in 'subject' Write Your mail subject all variable ...

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    Insert data in Database Using Jquery

    -Insert data in Database Using Jquery -Create a index.php and code.php file with code -database name 'school' -tabale...

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    Custom Form Data Save Ajax with validation in Magento

    -First Create test.php file -copy all code and paste in file -Then run on localhost -fisrt time load file thane save ...