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    Add Custom Class To Last Post In A Loop WordPress:

    Put this below code in Function.php File and save.

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    To Get real order ID from order increment id in Magento: lets assume your order increment id is #100...

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    Magento Custom Email with html email template :

    I have create a html template and send mail. For Magento Custom Email with html email template ,Please follow the bel...

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    Hire Website Designer In India Is A Tedious Job

    In todays world internet has given world class opportunities to the people to run several websites. Internet is now b...

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    How to Hide WordPress Admin Bar During Development.

    Put Below Code in Function.php File show_admin_bar( false ); After Put Save File and Refresh page yo...

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    Get current module name, route name, controller name and action name Magento :

    Anywhere in controller or even with template files.

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    Get YouTube video thumbnail image for wordpress :

    step 1= search video in youtube step 

    2 = click share button->embed tep

    3= copey text after e...

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    How to speed up product imports and exports and decrease database size in Magento :

    Query in your magento database

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    How to place an order for free ( using free payment option) in admin?

    Some time we need to place and order for our customer as a demo or any missing products in last orders, in such of co...

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    Apply css only for safari latest Browser 12.1.1

    Apply CSS safari only

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    How to Call Shortcode in Wordpress :

    Call Shorcode in PhpFile:

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    Realize Multiple Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer

    Creative business development with the inclusion of maximum features will help you in reaching your organizational ta...