Monthly Archives: September 2014

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    Insert data in Database Using Jquery

    -Insert data in Database Using Jquery -Create a index.php and code.php file with code -database name 'school' -tabale...

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    Custom Form Data Save Ajax with validation in Magento

    -First Create test.php file -copy all code and paste in file -Then run on localhost -fisrt time load file thane save ...

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    Redirect Customer to Previous Page After Login

    Configuration Settings   - Login to admin panel - Go to System -> Configuration ->...

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    Wordpresss Custom Post Pagination

    You want Custom Post Pagination in Wordpress. there have only 2 step.

    Log in Wordpress

    Step 1 : ad...

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    Create Multiple Mini-Search Box In Magneto

    step 1: GOTO :> app\design\frontend\[theme]\default\layout\catalogsearch.xml
    step 2: ->Find This Code.

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    Data fetch another page Using Jquery on dropDown box

    -Select a value in DroDownBox -Send a value Anothar page -prossesed value and display data

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    Call Images in Magento

    In Magento there are two type image call in phtml file or cms block. * In Phtml File there are two way to get image o...

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    Show sell product filter by category id in magento

    Create a new CMS Block with content set to CMS Block, by going to CMS > Static Blocks, which we will name it as Sp...

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    Background music player on site

    Here some step about "Background music player on site ".

    background music player on sites in wordpress first ...