Monthly Archives: September 2014

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    Add js and css in Wordpress

    Add in Function.php File All file To call js and Stylesheet in Wordpress working to globle css and js.

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    How to get Most popular posts in WordPress.

    Add code in your theme where ever you want the popular 5 posts to be displayed. by default show most popular post ...

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    Get bestseller products filter by category id

    Get Only 10 Prodects Magento already uses bestseller products aggregation that can be checked under Admin > Report...

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    Create Custom Widget in Wordpress

    Custom Widget in Wordpress, Copy this Code And Past in Function.php File Thane create admin side widget

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    Simple accordion in jQuery

    -accordion in jQuery require class: toggle-content //main class require class: accordion accordion-close //slide div ...

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    Show product filter by attribute value

    -Get prodects by attribute value wais -Inset attribute name and Value to filter your prodect -Show prodect of attribu...

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    Set limit on Magento Collection

    -where $limit will be the number of results we want, $starting_from will be the index of the result set to be conside...

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    Display Popular post in Wordpress

    Get Popular post on a Page You set post limition per page, Get post title

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    Get Latest Post In Wordpress

    -Display Latest post -you wont post it paste this code on page -change the catagary id -show the letast post in your ...

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    Show CMS static block on only one specified category page (Magento)

    The layout XML code below helps to achieve the above requirement. It will show the static block my-sidebar-1? on righ...

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    Show New product in magento

    Step 1 : create a template file called: new_products.phtml following code copy past in new_products.phtml file

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    Display sub-category list -Magento

    Sub-Category Wise Get The Products In Magento show product sub-Category wais